ANAGLYPH / 3D catwalk

art-direction /fashion

Catwalk photography: Christoph Neumann

ANAGLYPH is a collective of artists who joined forces in 2013, with a firm focus on the creative process, and the possibilities which can be forged through inter-disciplinary collaboration. As part of Berlin Fashion Week, a magical catwalk show was staged, combining cutting edge 3D technology, tailor-made music composition and contemporary fashion. Audience members were issued with a pair of custom-made 3D glasses to alter their “depth of perception”, and to create a new, multi-layered, frame of reference to absorb the outfits which were designed to maximize the overall effect.


Cinematography and editing: Marta Figueredo
3D-Artist: Francisco Sanchez de Cañete 
Clothes: Raki Fernandez
Illustration and Screen Printing: Ian Liddle 
Music: Milo Smee
Shoes: Alarma Futura
Make-up/Crochet artist: Anto Christ 
Choreography: Filipe Canha 
Hair and make-up: Velta Berzina
Embroidery: Amy Burt
MAGPIE (Yukiko Picapica Yamane)
Photography: Laura Fusato 

Graphic design: Kara Zichittella 


Fashion assistants:
Nilay Cetiner (DAZ)
Dahap ELTaher (DAZ)
Maite Sole
Faeza Hariri (DAZ)


thanks: Nathan Dukes, Tanya Curnow, Leo Dukes, Seamus O’Donell, Benjamin Chevalier, Gareth Owen.